Easiest to use VR headset in the world!

360 headset
If you want to step into the world of virtual reality, you still have to shell out a lot of money, and often, technical understanding and patience are required as well before you can delve into virtual dimensions. But now, a more beginner-friendly and comparatively inexpensive VR solution enters the market in the form of the VRotica headset, aimed at making adult VR content available to anyone. Virtual reality is on the rise in many areas of modern life – also as a means of consuming pornography. More and more studios present VR content, and the number of users is swelling. But in spite of this impressive growth, many consumers remain hesitant because to experience VR porn, they’d have to buy new technology, first and foremost a virtual reality headset on which to enjoy the content. However, most quality headsets are quite pricey. READ MORE HERE -