Get A Lap Dance In Virtual Reality

They filmed 14 different women — largely big-name headliners, like porn star Christy Mack, who do not actually work at The Gold Club — performing pole dances on green screens. They also recreated several private dance rooms from the Gold Club on a set, where they captured lap dances in 3D with a custom rig outfitted with a series of GoPros. All of this content will be added into the virtual world of the club, which will be brought to life from a combination of film and CGI renderings. They say the player will move through this VR world as a realistic avatar and that the film will change based on his actions. “The film has a brain,” as Daniel Dilallo, creative director of VrClubz, put it. Some day, thanks to emerging haptic technology, they might even be able to allow players to touch the dancers, says Jimmy Hess, Vixen VR co-founder. That does raise questions about the limitations of players’ behavior and the issue of consent — albeit involving video game characters — especially given the recent story of a woman’s virtual reality groping. As technically impressive as all this sounds, the setting of my preview, mere feet from several actual strip clubs, kind of demanded the question: Why get a virtual lap dance when you can get a real one? The virtual dancers feel overwhelmingly real and present in many ways, but they can’t simulate some of the key physical sensations of a real-life lap dance — the feeling of someone else’s thighs brushing against yours or the sting of hair flipped across your face. There isn’t the beguiling smell of a stranger’s shampoo or the electric charge of flirtatious conversation. READ MORE HERE @ vocativ -