virtual reality strip clubs now open in china

vr clubs in china
Sinovision an American Chinese TV American TV was established in 1990, is one of the most influential Chinese television in North America, providing high-quality television programs for the Greater New York area. We remember "for the local audience, to the mainstream society closer." In January 2011, the US Chinese television officially opened the 24-hour all-weather digital channel broadcast. Now, with 24.4 all-weather terrestrial digital channels and English channel 24.3, and all day in the cable TV 73 channel broadcast. We are committed to a successful strategy, multi-channel platform, to create a service of the Chinese intellectual information platform, to become the Greater New York area of Chinese television media leader. Enter the Gold club in San Francisco last week to try and play the first virtual reality strip club experience with creative director and virtual reality pioneer Daniel DiLallo along with Glasha Sheveleva a well known virtual reality model and vr evangelist for the Gold club SF vr experience. 360 porn and 360 videos are taking the vr industry by storm but what vrclubz did with the team from and the was build something that sets the bar for VR experiences as a whole. Combining Game development and video production and film techniques is a difficult task to take on but experienced the results first hand and were excited about the possibilities to come. Another truly unique feature is having a VR arcade inside the gentlemen's club the first time in the world that a club as built in a Virtual reality experience room and it is definitely a huge hit here.