What everyone wanted to know at GDC in 2017! Which VR Gentlemen's Club will be next??

vr girls
The Gold Club San Francisco made a huge splash at GDC in 2017 unveiling the Beta version of their Virtual Reality Gentlemen's club powered by The Fans of Christy Mack, Alexis Monroe and Reya Sunshine, all flocked to the club to see the girls and to test the world's first virtual reality strip club game themselves. The night started out early with a prescreening at the Gold club for the Press to get an exclusive showing off one of this year's most anticipated adult VR Experiences a combination of film and game like we have never seen. The press did not know how to categorise it is this a game? A film? Or a simulation? One thing they were able to say. That it was very impressive and they can't wait to see what's next. Especially the question that got thrown around the most was what strip club will be NEXT? Press and fans were all weighing in on what club they thought would or should be next to experience virtually. Everything from E11EVEN in MIAMI in Miami to Sapphire Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club. CEO Jimmy Hess "There are many clubs coming to us wanting to be virtualized and have another revenue channel online we have not pulled the trigger on our next club yet we are still looking at the right one. If you believe in VR and want to generate revenue online al over the world come talk to us we are here to work with you." Creative Director Daniel DiLallo " The Gold Club SF was a no brainer they shared our vision and believe in VR and AR and wanted to offer their club experience to online to users around the world. This model is to help augment their revenue generating capabilities by offering their club experience to those who would never get a chance to visit their club." Gold Club SF Rep "We are now open 24 hours a day 365 days a year and all over the world now customers can come spend money and enjoy The Gold Club San Francisco club as if they were here."